Vanguard Talent

Classes: Warrior:
Requirements: Strength (Intimidation), and Strength 3 or higher
Your war cries hide a calculated response to danger, but you meet the danger first and furiously.

Novice: You can temper yourself, but also know when to let go. You gain access to Control mode and Might mode. You can enter either mode as an activate action, but you cannot enter one mode while you are in another. While in Control mode you gain a +1 bonus to all attack rolls. While in Might mode, you gain a +1 bonus on all your damage rolls. You can exit either mode as a free action.

Journeyman: You can below a mighty war cry, bringing the fight to you. You can use the Threaten stunt multiple times, paying the SP cost for each enemy you threaten. You roll your Strength (Intimidation) test once and compare your result to each foe’s opposed test.

Master: Your “measured” responses become more lethal. While in Control mode, your attack ignore an amount of Armor Rating equal to half your Strength +1. While in Might mode, when you damage a target with a melee attack, the foes adjacent to the original target take an amount of damage equal to  your Strength +1.