The Elementalist Specialization (by Kot)


The Elementalist is a mage who takes the powers of the Primal school of magic to their greatest heights. These are the war mages that burn scores of darkspawn with a flick of a wrist, or trap mighty foes in blocks of ice to be taken captive. These mages command awe and fear, and usually rise through the ranks of the Tevinter elite. Templars are quite wary of these mages, as their destructive power emboldens them to question the authority of their guardians. Much of a Templar’s training deals with repelling magic, and protecting against the powers of Primal magic are always a heavy focus in a Templar’s defensive regimen.

While they may not recognize the discipline of Elementalist, these are also the mages that most people picture when they hear the word “mage;” a terrifying spectacle of crashing lightning and rupturing earth. Those who follow this discipline often have to explain their intentions many times to assuage the peoples’ fears. But even then, most are waiting for the lightning to strike.

The Elementalist

Class: Mage
Requirements: Must have Magic 3 or higher and the Primal Magic (Journeyman) talent

The elements are yours to command.

Novice: Your elemental magics are more powerful thanks to special training. You can use the Mighty Spell stunt for 1 SP instead of the usual 2, but only when casting Primal spells. You also learn a new Primal spell.

Journeyman: You have learned how to overburn your Mana when you have less, boosting your spells without causing you to explode! Your Primal spells deal +1 damage for every 10 Mana you are below your maximum. For example, a mage with 20 out of 50 Mana would gain a +3 bonus to damage with their Primal spells. This bonus to damage cannot exceed your Magic score. You also learn a new Primal spell.

Master: You learn a complex magical technique of creating momentum in your mana. If you cast a Primal spell, you can cast it for 1 Mana less than usual for every Primal spell you have cast in a previous consecutive round, to a maximum reduction equal to your Magic. For example, a mage who has cast Flame Blast on round one, Winter’s Grasp and Shock on round two, and Chain Lightning on round three would cast their next Primal spell for 4 Mana less than usual. If you go a round without casting a Primal spell you must start over. You also learn a new Primal spell.