House Rules

Need something a little different? We’ve got a lot of different!

  • Alurvelve’s Character Stats
    • This thread is where Green Ronin Forum-member Alurvelve places his home-made stats for iconic characters from the Dragon Age series. Companions from the video games get stats, as do some supporting cast members!
  • Kot’s Approval System
    • You can use this system to make people friends or rivals…and you still get to kiss them!
  • Kot’s Blood Boons
    • Sacrifice your life, or another’s, for strength. What more could you want from Blood Magic?
  • Dark Temptation Blood Magic Rules
    • Now all Mages must resist the temptation that lies in the power of blood. These expanded fan-rules for blood magic give the players a chance to gain more power, at the cost of their life-energy.
  • Esoterica From Thedas
    • This is a collection of four enormous PDFs in a series that add detail, resources, foes, and friends to the Dragon Age RPG. These were written pre-Core Rulebook, so some double-checking with the current rules may be wise, but there are no larger contributions to the Dragon Age RPG fan community than this! Check it out to take your game farther!
  • Kot’s Extra Runes
    • Enjoy 15 new runes to reward your PCs or arm your NPCs!
  • Free-Form Dragon Age
    • Engineered by DracoDruid, this overhaul of the character creation and growth systems gives you unparalleled control over your character’s development, doing away with classes and letting you build your character from the ground up!
  • VladGenX’s Heroscape/Arena of the Planeswalkers Battlemap Guide for AGE
    • This helpful forum member gets Dragon Age on the beautiful 3D stacking terrain of Heroscape/AotP battlemaps!
  • Icarus’ Dragon Age Stuff!
    • This links to Green Ronin Fourm-member Icarus’ personal thread for creating and sharing Dragon Age statblocks, house rules, new talents, and more!
  • PlatinumWarlock’s Inquisition-Era Threats thread
    • Platinum Warlock (Andy Klosky) gives us the lowdown on Red Templars, Red Lyrium exposure, and even a few new demons in this thread!
  • New Stunts by Saisei
    • This is an old list of new stunts developed on the Dragon Age RPG forums by Saisei and other contributes. Extend the list of stunts you have already with a healthy collection of class-specific, weapons specific, and team-specific stunts to keep the game exciting!
  • Smithing Rules by liszante
    • Give the tools to your players to make their own weapons and armor!

2 thoughts on “House Rules”

  1. Is there any possibility of the resources from these threads being reuploaded? I’m running a mini campaign and was so excited to use them, especially the stat block resources for actual and new things, but before I could save them the forums went down 😦


  2. There is some effort to reclaim these lost pages with the Wayback Machine site, but it is not looking good, at present. The forums these were placed on were deleted.


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