GMing Options

Even the GM needs a hand once in a while! Speed up your games with these resources!

  • Dragon Age Campaign Codex
    • Created by exdemon 13, you can use this Access database to track your campaign sessions, campaign details, characters, NPCs, encounters, talents, locations, items, and much much more!
  • Fan-Made Character Sheets
    • This is a page with a collection of links to downloads for a dozen or so fan-made character sheets, some of which are quite beautiful! One is an Excel spreadsheet that helps you fill in a character sheet!
  • Hazards Collection
    • This collection of pre-made Hazards can be employed to make you games a bit more dangerous!
  • Herding Dice blog
    • If you like to crunch numbers or see some charts regarding trends in monster design in Dragon Age and Fantasy Age, look no further than this math-wiz blog!
  • Jade Age supplement
    • From Gavinwad comes a possible world of east and west; Thedas to the east, and the Jade Empire to the west.
  • Andy’s (Platinum Warlock’s) Pre-Generated Characters!
    • Dive right into the Dragon Age RPG with these 9 ready-to-go player characters!
  • Pre-Made Traps
    • The Core Rulebook gives us the building blocks, but this document gives you traps you can lift straight off the page and drop into a game!
  • Spell Tree Charts
    • This convenient collection of pdfs makes spell selection a breeze, showing just what spells you qualify for and when you can take them!
  • The_Veil_Codex_v4.0.1
    • This deluxe PDF from Wired_Wolf contains reprinted spells organized by school, small spell tree charts, specializations grouped by school, and a specialization for Battle Mages!

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