GenCon 2016

Greetings fellow Thedosians! We are back from GenCon 2016, the biggest gaming convention in the US, and man was it a good one this year, ESPECIALLY for Dragon Age RPG fans! Wanna know why?

This is why!

The Dragon Age Core Rulebook took home TWO ENnies from the ENnie Awards! ENnie Awards are big deals, these are the big time accolades that go to the best the gaming industry has to offer!

And the Dragon Age Core Book got TWO OF THEM!

WE are the Champions!

We want to stress that this is a big deal! Dragon Age distinguished itself among other giants like Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder! The Dragon Age RPG is an award-winning RPG, and it should be held high for all to see!

Sadly, we weren’t quite organized enough this year that I could get an interview together, but we did get to meet the legendary Chris Pramas this year, the guy who WROTE the Dragon Age game! We introduced ourselves and hopefully didn’t stammer too much as we mentioned we were making a podcast about his game! It was quite the honor, and we parted ways with some new Dragon Age dice! Speaking of which…

Chantry-sanctioned, of course

These beautiful things are the new set of Dragon Age dice from Q-Workshop, and they are quite lovely! People had made complaints about the old set that they were too busy and difficult to read during play. Personally I got used to reading them and might actually have trouble with the new ones but they are available for purchases and you should get some!

We couldn’t ask many questions about the future of the Dragon Age RPG due to a strict schedule we had for ourselves (quite a few games to play) but we expect to be hearing about this for days to come! Chris Pramas, I hope you are proud of yourself! We love your game!

Don’t forget that we have a new episode of the podcast coming out this Thursday! We’ll be covering the Rogue class and we have quite a bit of content planned for this episode! We hope you enjoy!

Thanks again for listening!


Episode 5: Champions of the Just (Or Not)

Welcome to the Wonders of Thedas Podcast, your one-stop shop for all your Dragon Age RPG needs!

In this exciting episode we talk about the Warrior class! If you like to play the rough and tumble brawler, the noble knight dispensing justice, the dark slayer of the battlefield, or the weapon master perfecting another technique, this is the class for you! Join the ranks of mighty heroes like Cassandra, Alistair, The Iron Bull, Oghren, Fenris, or Aveline and take the fight to your enemies! We discuss the class features of the Warrior, and how you’ll become the knight in shining armor of your adventuring group!

In This Week in Thedas this episode we discussed the repairing of the GM’s Kit. This is old news but you can find the PDF fix here. Also it has been rumored that a revised version of the GM’s Kit, along with another print run of the Core Rulebook, are in the works! We don’t have a date to expect either so we’ll try to keep you up to speed!

For our Dissonant Verses we uncovered a recent creation by Green Ronin boards member shonuff: Spell Modification! You can read all about how to keep your spells going strong here!

Don’t forget that if you have any questions, fan-creation submissions, or even episode ideas, feel free to send them to, Kot the Protector on the Green Ronin forums, or Kot the Protector on the Bioware forums! You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get updates the moment they happen (and maybe some odd Tweets about our home game)!

Thanks again for listening!


Tooting Our Horn

It is inevitable that when you get RPG geeks together: someone wants to tell you about their character, a cool moment in a game that happened last night, or how their campaign is going. We all love the game and love to talk about the game. Passions can run high when you bring up the “taxi chase” or the “big heist” from last year’s campaign.

That time has been long-approaching, as I love talking about my campaign: Dragon Age: Faith Misplaced.

We started this campaign in 2014, and we’ve since seen three players come and go from the game. We are down to a core three players but still going strong! We’ve put down abominations, cured ancient diseases, stopped the kidnapping of an elven clan by Tevtinter slavers, joined secret elven organizations, repelled two armies of darkspawn, exposed demon-possessed nobles, won the Grand Tourney, foiled enormous blood magic ceremonies, spoken to Flemeth, regrown a tongue, had a PC die from lyrium overdose, and finally begun the foundations of a new nation for the elves.

It’s been a wild ride, and I’ve still got even bigger plans for them on the horizon! We’ve got Orlesian parties filled with intrigue, vigilantism in Tevtinter, and trips to Fade to look forward to.

We are still due for one or two of these…

Faith Misplaced has been a great campaign, and I didn’t even write the first act of it! The first act and several parts of the second act have all been the published adventures released by Green Ronin. We ran through pretty much all of them except Invisible Chains from the Core Rulebook, even the Autumn Falls and Battle’s Edge with a few adjustments for being level 14 by the end. The campaign for the past few months has been all my creation, with visits to a few places from the video games, lots of custom statblocks, and a great villain my players love to hate!

Speaking of those players, we have a grand cast of player characters as well!

Ashalla of the Brightmore clan is a Dalish mage. While leaving her clan to learn more about the world around her before she would take up the mantle of Keeper of her clan in the future, she found herself thrust into human machinations and joined with new heroes. Her boundless kindness and concern for others found herself the object of attention from a kind spirit from the Fade. It granted her its power and the abilities of the Spirit Healer. Her healing powers carried the heroes far, until she truly began her research into elven magical techniques of the Keeper. Also gifted with a silver tongue, she has convinced many to turn from dark paths, uniting the elven Dalish clans into a new nation: Brecilia.

Kallian is a city elf rogue from the alienage in Denerim. Growing up a hard-knock life, she lucked out when she made friends with a righteous and slightly naive human noblewoman. This noblewoman taught Kallian how to use weapons, and even schooled her to the point of the finesse of a Duelist. After saving this gal’s life from a greedy avvar outcast, she began to take a more clandestine route, and trained as a Shadow under one of the party’s elven allies. Her subtlety and quick blade have cut down many foes ruthlessly and efficiently. Her clandestine activities continue, as she acts as the spymaster of the new nation of Brecilia. Winning the Grand Tourney’s Grand Melee was not very clandestine, but she did it anyway.

Alora of the Goldenhawk clan is a Dalish warrior. After loosing her husband to a spirit of powerful rage, Alora became very protective of her remaining allies, taking up the noble practice of the Guardian. Gaining the service of a sword with a the lost soul of an elven knight, he guided her towards her destiny of rebuilding the Emerald Knights. Sheathing herself in the powers of the Spirit Warrior, she now works to train and recruit the new elven nation’s hopefuls into the new border guard and knightly order for Brecilia.

These three are the core characters, but we’ve had other heroes join our ranks and leave. Linnea was a proud Ferelden human warrior, who decided to remain behind in her hometown to oversee its reconstruction and eventually become its tarl. Thelriel was a Dalish Grey Warden who helped the heroes see the morning of the battle of Redhold against a massive horde of darkspawn. Jack was a quietly treacherous but loudly problematic lyrium addict human rogue, who met her end in an alley with a bad dose of her vice. Finally, the towering Tal-Vashoth Venok came to the heroes hearing that action and money were a strong possibility. Her strength had saved her companions countless times before she broke a fragile artifact and was catapulted into the Fade.

Now that the heroes have reached level 15 and saved not only the Dalish clans, but the secretive Emerald Brotherhood from demonic destruction. Now they venture into Val Royeaux to secure the safety of the city elves of Thedas, turning them from the Elven Blood King Kotin’s call to action to the elves of Thedas! But nothing is safe in the capital of intrigue and treachery for long, and the heroes will find themselves pulled into the Grand Game where more than one group desires their deaths or worse.

We’re all very excited about this game and we play again tomorrow (AFTER recording a new episode, of course!) We might bring this up again to let folks know how the campaign is going, but you can be sure we’ll be bringing up the campaign in the show and post-show!

Thanks for reading, and we hope to have sparked some creative ideas for you players and GMs! We’ll be back soon with new a episode about the Warrior class (my favorite)!

Should be a good time?

Episode 4: Be the Maker

Welcome to the Wonders of Thedas Podcast, your one-stop-shop for all your Dragon Age RPG needs! Today we have two hosts discussing what it is to be a Game Master, the most difficult but rewarding place around the table in any RPG! We talk about the spectrum of GMing from the day-planners to the improv artists and reminisce about campaigns of the past and present! We’ll give you the basic tools to run the Dragon Age RPG and help more people enjoy this wonderful game!

As we mention on the episode, the Dragon Age Core Rulebook is nominated for THREE ENNIES! You can vote for the ENnies on the ENnie Awards blog until July 21st! Make sure you vote 1 for the Dragon Age Core Rulebook, and don’t put numbers down for anything you don’t like or have never heard of! (We apologize for the poor quality of the post-show! It was added hastily after the good news came around.)

The Saisei stunts list from way back when Dragon Age came in boxes can be found for download here on our site: Dragon Age New Stunts by Saisei

The Dragon Age RPG is a mercifully simple game to run, with straightforward mechanics and easily understood applications of the mechanics. The game is simple and helps you get back to the action and avoid cracking open the rulebook to double check a rule. The powerful yet uncomplicated rules keep the story moving and maximizes fun with the unpredictability of the Stunt System!

This episode may seem a bit slim on advice but that is by design. We intend to include advice for GMs in nearly every episode from here on out! Our episodes will remain useful for both players and GMs so that you all can have the most fun with Dragon Age as possible and become rand heroes of Thedas!

We hope you enjoy, and thank you for listening!

Help the Dragon Age RPG Win an ENnie!

Great news everyone!

The Dragon Age Core Rulebook has been nominated for three ENnies: Best Interior Art, Best Game, and Best Product!

These are the big games and we are ahead!

For those of you who don’t know what the ENnies are, they are awards handed out to outstanding games, websites, game supplements, programs, and even blogs that make strong contributions to the gaming industry! These awards a big deal, and are handed out at GenCon, the biggest gaming convention in the country! Dragon Age is competing against titans like Paizo and Wizards of the Coast, and while there are quite a lovely selection of products and games worthy of praise we all know why we are here. Dragon Age is an exemplary game that deserves a lot of love!

You can show that love by voting for the Dragon Age Core Rulebook in the the categories of Best Interior Art, Best Game, and Best Product! You can vote on the ENnie blog from July 11th to July 21st!

Let’s show this game some love and get it some ENnies to take home from GenCon!

This is a game for the AGES!

Episode 3: There Are No Buttons

Welcome to episode 3, where we talk all about the basics of the basics of the Dragon Age RPG! We are joined by another new local host who has a fresh perspective perfect for this episode!

We have fun with another animal friend, discuss the Ability Test, and the essential mechanics that build off of it. We are covering the game at its core; no complicated math, no game design theories, no equations, no problems here! If you can master everything in this episode you are well on your way to grand adventures in the world of Thedas!

In the episode we mention a large collection of fan-made content: the Esoterica From Thedas. This colossal collection of new rules for the Dragon Age RPG gives the game cavernous new depths to add new excitements to your campaigns! You can find it here!

We also mention the Dragon Age Green Ronin pages in the podcast, where you can find free PDFs of character sheets and other resources! Here it is for your reading pleasure!

We hope you enjoyed this episode! Tune it next time for more Dragon Age RPG goodness!

Now you know how to do this!

Episode 2: Building Character

Welcome to episode 2: the character creation process episode! In this episode we get a new host and talk about one of the most exciting aspects of any RPG, making brand new characters! With a loud collection of clacking dice we’ll make characters on the air to show you how making characters works in the exciting Dragon Age universe!

We write down concepts, generate Abilities, select Backgrounds, choose classes, calculate Speed and Defense, pick names, and determine Goals and Ties! It may sound like a lot but it should only take you a few minutes to do yourself!

We go through the process with sound, but below we include visual aids! Here are the character sheets we worked on during the episode so you can see how a filled out character sheet might look!

First is Jessica’s character, Nisha the Dalish rogue who is out for blood against the Templars!

The sheet looks a bit barren right now but that is okay, it should only be as full as you need it to be. They get a bit more full as they level up, so leave a bit of space!

Next is Jill’s knowledge-hungry mage!

You can see that she also picked out spells and placed them on the back of the sheet! Some of these are a tad blurry, as our camera is not as nice as our microphone…

Finally, you can see Khrane, Reyn’s starry-eyed dwarf duster warrior!

We also mentioned something called Session Zero in the podacst. We didn’t go very far into it, so we will elaborate what “Session Zero” is here.

Session Zero is actually the first session the players and Game Master sit down with each other. In this session it is common to chat about what characters everyone is making, what kind of campaign the GM plans on running, what themes may be appropriate to build character personalities around, help determine Ties that the Player Characters have with each other, construct Goals so they can be presented to the GM, and determine things like play times and venues where the games will take place. You’d be suprrised how much having everyone around to brainstorm can help!

Session Zero saves your GM and fellow players a lot of headache, so we highly recommend taking the time to schedule a Session Zero with your fellow players before you start your campaigns. Even if you have started, it never hurts to take a late Session Zero to sit donw with your fellows and discuss the direction of the campaign and your characters’ Goals!

Then you can avoid game nights that look like this around the table…

We hope you enjoy the podcast and come back in two weeks when we release our third episode: How to Play the Dragon Age RPG!We’ll talk about the basic basics and get everyone’s feet wet with the most important aspects of the Dragon Age RPG!

If you have questions, comments, content to submit, or episode suggestions, feel free to leave them here, send them to, Kot the Protector on the Green Ronin forums, or send your queries to the Facebook or Twitter accounts! Thank you for listening!