The Dragon Age Game Master’s Kit is up for pre-order!

The title says it all! You can now pre-order the GM’s Kit for Dragon Age on Green Ronin’s store! Below is the link. Go out there and run your games in style!

Pre-Order the GM’s Kit!


Welcome to a world of wonder!

Thank you for joining us on this grand journey!

Welcome to the Wonders of Thedas Podcast, a project that I’ve had jumping around in my head for a few years now. This little project is finally becoming a reality and I hope you will enjoy this adventure just as much as I will!

To let you know who I am: my name is Reyn Keonimana Stryker LeBeau. I am a resident of Bloomington, Indiana, and I have always kept a strong and wild imagination. I started playing roleplaying games in high-school with a home-made RPG a friend and my brother made and we migrated to several editions of Dungeons and Dragons. As I moved to college at Indiana University, I picked up the Star Wars RPG by WotC, Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons 5E, and finally, Dragon Age.

My Core Rulebooks are well-loved.
I am player, but more often I am a Game Master. I quickly discovered that adore creating rich campaigns, deep character conversations, exciting battles and chases, and telling a story that my players will keep talking about for years to come. The role of GM fit me well, and I also run plenty of sessions at my local Pathfinder Society lodge.

After listening to great podcasts about roleplaying games, I noticed that one of my favorite RPGs, Dragon Age, has no podcasts currently. Pathfinder and Star Wars have great podcasts that have been enduring for years, but I only ever found one podcast for Dragon Age, and that podcast seemed to disappear after only three episodes. I finally decided that  wanted to change that.

With my degree in Telecommunications (Design and Production), a new microphone, and some slap-happy friends, I have the first episode recorded for your listening pleasure. I have dozens of episode plans for the future and am hoping to begin by explaining why you should care about this RPG in the first place! A blog post will accompany this podcast episode with additional info and comments from me!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you find what you are looking for at Wonders of Thedas!

Wishing you many 6s on the Dragon Die!