About the Wonders of Thedas Podcast!


Welcome to the humble blog of the Wonders of Thedas Podcast! Here we will track the exploits of the Enchanters who hope to make your gaming experience with the Dragon Age tabletop roleplaying game all that it can be!

What’s Dragon Age?

That is a very important question! Dragon Age is a series of computer games designed by Bioware and published by EA. The games take place in a dark fantasy world of magic, dragons, drama, and intrigue. The latest release is Dragon Age: Inquisition, and if you haven’t played it yet I would say you are missing out!

What’s a roleplaying game?

That is also an important question! A roleplaying game is a game where you create a persona, your character, and play out adventures using dice, pencils, paper, maps, plastic miniatures, music, acting, and imagination! Sitting around a table with friends, you all work together with the person who runs the game, also called the Gamemaster, and tell a collaborative story with all of your characters as the heroes! Games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulu, GURPS, and many other examples are out there as well, but we will be talking about the Dragon Age roleplaying game here!

What is the Dragon Age roleplaying game?

Put those first two together, and you get something altogether different than any of the examples above. Dragon Age has a fantastic world filled with compelling characters and epic struggles, mundane and magical. With the Dragon Age roleplaying game, you are front and center on the greatest adventures in Thedas! The game is easy to pick up, fun to master, and is sure to please roleplayers of all skill-levels!

So what is the Wonders of Thedas Podcast?

This podcast is here to talk about the Dragon Age roleplaying game from several perspectives and with varying aims. We will talk about how to play the game, give advice on how to portray a background, lend knowledge of Gamemastering to better your sessions, and help your Dragon Age games be all they can be! We will focus very heavily on telling stories, so we will also include plenty of lore from the Dragon Age universe to get you ready to play anything! We will bring in guests to answer questions about our favorite game, answer questions from the audience, and maybe even bring some of you on to speak with us! We thank you for joining us and hope to hear about your experiences around the table soon!

We hope you enjoy!

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