Episode 67: Dog Lords

Leona joins Reyn to speak of the nobility of the rough nation of Ferelden!


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Visiting dignitaries had best prepare for the smell of dog, you wouldn’t want to anger these chaotic people of Ferelden! Even the high society of Thedas’ youngest nation has that streak of independence that helped them throw off countless hardships, and we’ll be covering that in this episode about the Ferelden Noble Background! We finally talk about Ferelden, and to help Reyn in this episode while Jessica is away is our loremaster Leona! Join us on this dog-walk in a rough and tumble politics of Ferelden!

You can read Andy Klosky’s adventure, Unwelcome Guests, here!

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Author: Portal-Crafter Reyn

I'm an amateur sound designer, gamer, and game-master, and I love to bring people grand worlds and rich stories through several mediums.

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