Dragon 4ge Day Charity Conversions

Happy Dragon 4ge Day! We designed a few items for the Dragon Age RPG for charity!


As a thank you for the donors to Child’s Play, donating on Dragon 4ge Day during the livestream of Ghil Dirthalen, we promised to make a custom magic item every time someone made a donation of $10 or more after Reyn came on the stream at 2PM! We had four total donors after their appearance donate $10 or more, so here are four new items for the Dragon Age RPG!


  • Battle Axe
  • Masterwork Benefits: +5 Damage
  • Superior Benefits: Minimum Strength -1
  • Talent Level:  One Level
  • Focus Benefit: Yes
  • Rune Slots: 0

Holding this axe seems to make you thirsty for some reason. When the axe is used in battle the wielder’ thirst seems to disappear. Blood seems to fountain from strikes with this axe, and it leaves your foes reeling and afraid. The wielder gains access to the Messy Kill stunt for 4 SP. The next time the wielder kills a target, they nearly explode in a shower of gore. For one round after, all enemies involved in the conflict (and potentially allies) who witness this kill must make A Willpower (Courage) test with a TN of 10+your Strength to attack the wielder. Those who fail must take the Defend or Move action instead.

Blade of the Many

  • Dagger
  • Masterwork Benefits: +3 Attack, +3 Damage
  • Talent Level:  Two Levels
  • Focus Benefit: Yes
  • Rune Slots: 2

Many weapons become legends because they had a great owner who performed impressive deeds with the weapon. This weapon did not have a single great owner, but many capable ones. The dagger has a thick ruby in its hilt, that legend claims holds a piece of the soul of every warrior and thief who died with the dagger in hand. Focusing on the ruby brings voices into your mind that call for vengeance. The wielder of this dagger may whisper to the ruby as a minor action, calling for aid. Ghostly figures shift in and out of focus behind the wielder of the dagger and their allies within 10 yards, granting the wielder and their allies the dagger’s damage and talent bonuses for one encounter, as these ghostly spirits guide their weapons and spells. This weapon has been taken by the Templars more than once, and anyone caught with it is quick to be labeled an apostate or maleficar.

Hood’s Message to the King

  • Long Bow
  • Masterwork Benefits: +2 Attack +5 Damage
  • Superior Benefits: Minimum Strength
  • Talent Level:  Two Levels
  • Focus Benefit: Yes
  • Rune Slots: 2

The existence of this weapon is as much myth as history. It is a story passed down among the Free Marches, the identity of “Hood” changing with the city, the bards telling the stories, or the passions of the world’s current troubles. The message is varied but clear: the people want a change, and they will have it. This bow’s construction is very stiff, and pulling back a shot takes a full round, but a shot from this bow flies far and punctures like a qunari cannon. The bow’s range is is incredible, with a short range of 45 yards and a long range of 1117 yards. Finally, the wielder may perform the Pierce Armor stunt for 1 SP, and the Lethal Blow stunt for 3 SP when firing this bow.H


  • Staff
  • Masterwork Benefits: +3 Ice Damage
  • Talent Level:  One Levels
  • Focus Benefit: Yes
  • Rune Slots: 3

The mage who created this staff was famed to have escaped the Templar of his Circle by retreating into one of the coldest winters the Free Marches had seen in decades. While the Templars came for him in the spring, that long and brutal winter was not an idle one. The mage was well-versed in blood and primal magic before he left, and by the time the Templar found him he was a master of both. Using this staff as a focus, and several other items he crafted himself with blood magic, he slew the Templars who gave chase, leaving them frozen outside his hiding place as a warning to those who might come too close. He eventually settled down and passed down several powerful creations to his children, one of whom was supposedly a mage. While this staff only makes one part of the Regalia of the Frozen Heart, it is still a potent magical item. Whenever the wielder casts a Blood or Primal spell, they may perform the Fast Casting stunt for 2 SP instead of 4, but only if the spell they cast with the stunt comes from the other school (if the spell that generates the points is a Primal spell, they must cast a Blood spell with the stunt). Additionally, whenever the wielder of the staff enters Blood Magic mode, they may choose a single element to which they become immune to. Damage from spells, hazards, bombs, or other sources that come from the corresponding element deal no damage to the wielder.

We hope these items help inspire you to make your own! Have fun playing the Dragon Age RPG, and we wish you lots of 6s on that Dragon Die!

Author: Portal-Crafter Reyn

I'm an amateur sound designer, gamer, and game-master, and I love to bring people grand worlds and rich stories through several mediums.

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