The Back Shelves (Vol 6) Rings from DA2

Welcome to the Wonders of Thedas. We carry items crafted by the Circle, as well as a variety of antiquities. Is there anything you’d like to see?

This time we have a new shipment of magical rings! Feel free to browse and try on the one’s marked as safe!


Welcome to the Wonders of Thedas. We carry items crafted by the Circle, as well as a variety of antiquities. Is there anything you’d like to see?

It’s been a little while since we did one of these! While our collection is fairly large, there are many more magical rings present in Thedas than we could ever fit into a single shopping list!

Rings fill many functions in an adventurer’s life. Some protect, some cause harm, and some are really big so they hurt when you punch stuff in the face with them! Anyone wearing an impressive ring is worth watching closely, for you never know what clever tricks have been worked under that silver band…

As we have mentioned before, the video games enforced that a hero can only benefit from two magic rings at a time. The tabletop RPG would likely find this an agreeable ruling but feel free to adjust this for your campaigns!

Air of Confidence (Ring, Level 5)

This ring was gifted to a hero named Evra, for saving a Circle of Magi from great peril. Though not as famous as the ring that shares their name, Evra always wore this ring, even in sleep. While this ring is worn, the wearer always counts their maximum Health as 1 higher per character level.

Andraste’s Grace (Ring, Level 15)

This ring shares a name and white color with the brilliant flower Andraste’s Grace. This ring is said to keep its wearer alive, almost as if Andraste herself were watching over them. The wearer gains a +3 bonus to their Defense, and may perform the Defensive Stance stunt for 1 SP instead of the usual 2.

Andraste’s Wisdom (Ring, Level 10)

Some consider this ring to be heretical, for it to insinuate that magic could replicate Andraste’s perfection! Nevertheless, the wearer never seems to miss a thing, always turning their head or glancing in the right direction. The wearer of this ring treats their Perception as 1 higher, and may reroll a failed Perception (Empathy) test once per day,taking the second result.

Anxiety (Ring, Level 10; 15 with full set)

This ring seems to exude an aura of a cagey criminal, always on the lookout for trouble. Wearing the ring makes the wearer particularly perceptive, some might say paranoid, of danger. The Mighty and Lethal Blow stunts both cost 1 more SP to use against the wearer. If worn with the ring Uncertainty on the other hand and the amulet Skepticism, the wearer treats their Cunning as 3 higher.

Awakened’s Might (Ring, Level 10)

Originally belonging to a strange hedge mage who called himself “the Awakened,” this ring was taken from this mage when the Seekers of Truth finally caught him and killed him for his bloody rituals. This ring seems to thrum with power when blood magic takes place nearby. If the wearer enters Blood Magic mode, they gain a bonus to damage rolls (whether spell or physical damage) equal to the amount of Health taken to fuel a spell by the wearer within the last round. For example, if the wearer drains 4 Health from themself or someone else as part of spellcasting, they gain a +4 bonus to all damage rolls until the end of their next turn.

Band of Silvery Gold (Ring, Level 10)

The name, and the artistic swirling of metals that make up this band, do not help anyone determine what exactly this ring is made of. However, its magical powers are much more interesting than its composition. Some Templars specially request rings like these, as the wearer not only gains a +2 bonus to damage rolls, but a +2 bonus to tests made to resist spells and other magical effects.

Band of Stolen Shadows (Ring, Level 10)

This inside of this silver ring seems to glow red hot, like a branding iron, and even give off smoke. When the ring is worn, the wearer feels no discomfort, but their hands seem more deft. The wearer gains a +2 bonus on Dexterity (Traps) and Dexterity (Lock-Picking) tests. These rings are favorites of wealthy thieves guilds or infiltration specialists.

Bardin’s Folley (Ring, Level 15)

This ring once belonged to a heroic Chevalier named Bardin, who defied his commanders orders to retreat when standing on the front lines of the wars between Orlais and Nevarra. Nevarran soldiers advanced on him only to be cut down one by one. The soldiers cut at him, surrounded him, hailed him with arrows, and supposedly even aimed a few trebuchet shots at the Mad Knight Bardin, but nothing seemed to stop him. The survivors remember him being wrapped in a curtain of blue light, his eyes glowing from within his helmet, and they cannot forget that when he finally was slain, that a strange, blue, drake-like shape exploded from his body into the sky and melding into the clouds. His ring was claimed by a Nevarran soldier, but has been hurriedly passed to others for fear of being cursed or possessed. Those who have used the ring in combat claim that a piece of the Mad Knight Bardin fights in their stead. The wearer of this ring may perform all Combat Stunts for -1 SP, but only for one combat per day.

Carved Ring of the Venedahl (Ring, Level 5)

These wooden rings are painful mementos of an alienage’s Venedahl (tree of the people) that had to be chopped down for resources. These rings are occasionally made out of the wood from the tree so that it may live on in some small way. The wearer of this ring gains a +2 social bonus when speaking to city elves. If the wearer is human, and not known as a friend to the elves of the cities, the bonus becomes a penalty of the same amount.

The Deep Green (Ring, Level 5)

Though many simply assume that this ring is elven, so far no Dalish clan has claimed that they know the origins of this simple band with a brilliant green gem. Still, the wearer seems to consider the wilds of Thedas to be a second home. The wearer of this ring gains a +2 bonus on Comminication (Animal Handling) and Perception (Tracking) tests.

Demon’s Eye (Ring, Level 10)

This ring gets its name from the flawed red gem that sits atop the band that almost resembles a slitted eyeball. The wearer becomes more grounded, and the Skirmish and Knock Prone stunts cost +1 SP to use against them. Additionally, they gain a +2 on tests made to resist being paralyzed, stunned, or petrified.

Dirthamen’s Secret (Ring, Level 5)

These rings constructions are well-guarded secrets by Dalish elves, who work enchantments into them so that they may deal with humans more cautiously. The wearer of this ring gains a +2 bonus on Communication (Bargaining) and Communication (Deception) tests.

Etched Ring of the Twins (Ring, Level 10)

This bronze ring has a carving of Kirkwalls famous twin statues that guard the entrance to Kirkwall’s harbor. Supposedly these rings were used by Tevinter slavers who wished to keep their charges in line. The wearer of this ring may perform the Knock Prone and Mighty Blow stunts for -1 SP (minimum of 0 SP), and the Knock Prone and Skirmish stunts cost +1 SP to perform against the wearer.

Evra’s Might (Ring, Level 10)

This massive gold ring is in the shape of a bull’s skull. The famous hero Evra was wearing this ring when he defeated the Blood Sisters of Vehnstel. He made excellent use of this large ring to punch not only the sisters, but their conjured demons. The wearer of this ring gains +3 to attack and damage rolls with unarmed attacks, and may perform the Lethal Blow stunt with unarmed attacks for 4 SP instead of the usual 5.

The Fallen Star (Ring, Level 15)

Tall tales abound about this ring, that supposedly was not forged on this world. It fell to Thedas in a great ball of fire, and a lucky adventurer plucked it out of the smoking crater that it left behind. Taller tales tell about how it can raise the dead, kill foes with a touch, or even take the wearer to the place of its creation. Regardless of what others say, this ring is still potent and made of a strange purple metal that never seems to tarnish or rust. The wearer of this ring treats all their abilities as 1 higher than normal.

Gallows Slave Finger-Cuffs (Ring, Level 5)

Who made these rings is of great debate and seems to have been lost to history, but they were supposedly crafted by a sympathetic Tevinter Magister who visited Kirkwall and saw what the slaves were subjected to every day. He had several dozen of these rings crafted to ease their pains and aid their occasional escape (which, naturally, also weakened some her enemies who owned the slaves of Kirkwall). The wearer of this ring gains a +1 bonus to Defense and a +4 bonus to Speed.

Gentleman’s Puzzle Ring (Ring, Level 5)

These rings are not usually enchanted, but symbols of status and intelligence. They are dwarven in make, containing tiny puzzle plates that make an image on the top of the ring that almost resembles a game board. The tiny plates slide across the face of the board to create an image, and these are often commissioned by those who wish to not only show off their wealth but their cunning. The magical ones are often mistaken for the simple puzzle rings, and vice versa. The non magical rings grant a +1 social bonus to when speaking to high society individuals (at least until you fail a Cunning test, then it no longer provides this benefit until the venue changes). The magical ones, in addition to the above benefit, also grant the wearer a +1 bonus to Cunning (Engineering) tests if the wearer has solved the puzzle once today (the solution to which always seems different every day). Solving the puzzle (for both versions of the ring) is an Advanced TN 11 Cunning (Cryptography) test with a Success Threshold of 10.

Gnawed Shiny Ring (Ring, Level 5)

This brass ring has quite a sheen to it, despite the large number of bite marks on it. The bite all seem to come from various small rodents and large insects. The wearer of this ring does full damage with their physical attacks against creatures with the Swarm Defense ability, like the Cave Beetle Swarm.

The Graven Circle (Ring, Level 10)

This dark wooden ring has thorns growing out from the top of the band. What kind of wood makes the ring is unclear, but it has a malicious presence about it. The thorns never seem to pierce the wearer, but even friends who shake their ring hand always seem to get pricked. The wearer of this ring may add their Cunning to the bonus damage done by the Mighty Blow and Lethal Blow stunts.

Guild Ring (Ring, Level 5)

These rings are usually marked with the emblem of a guild or other organization, and are given as gifts to those of high rank in organizations or to those who have a higher-ranking member’s favor. The wearer of this ring gains a social bonus when speaking to members of the ring’s organization based on who gave the ring to the wearer. This can be as little as +1 or as much as +5 in special cases.

Ichor (Ring, Level 10)

This inky black ring was taken off the corpse of a darkspawn alpha, and it pulses with a troubling power. Wearing this ring slowly causes your skin to turn pasty and spotted, and you seem to subconsciously plan how best to kill everyone you meet. While wearing the ring, you gain access to the Cripple stunt. You can make this special attack for 3 SP. The target of the stunt has a bone fracture or skin tear painfully, giving them a -2 penalty to attack tests, damage rolls, and they move at half speed. The penalties to attack and damage tests ceases after three rounds, but the movement penalty persists until the target can take a breather.

The Jade Serpent (Ring, Level 5)

This ring, carved with the visage of a green serpent rearing its head, seems to inspire a small amount of fear in animals, making them more docile and malleable. The wearer of this ring gains a +2 bonus to Communication (Animal Handling) and the wearer gains a +2 bonus on damage tests against animals, as well as increasing their Armor Rating by 2 against attacks from animals. Those who understand the subtle fear-based effects consider these rings to be cruel to the animals they are used on.

Mark of the Fallen (Ring, Level 10)

This ring, with a brilliant emerald on the top, was crafted to harness the lingering life of fallen foes and allies alike. These rings were originally worn by Tevinter Magisters as they attempted to conquer the south, and they have been feared for a long time. Once per day, the wearer of this ring can use a Major action to gain the benefits of a Death Magic spell for 5 rounds. There is no need to make a casting roll or expend Mana, the magic is contained in the ring. This means that even Rogues and Warriors can use the spell. If you are a Mage who can cast Death Magic and you spend an Activate action while casting the spell yourself, the ring modifies the spell to allow you to gain Health above your maximum.

Onyx Ring of the Dales (Ring, Level 10)

This smooth ring of cut onyx has small green gems embedded in the stone, resembling leaves on a tree. The Dalish claim that these rings originally indicated noble blood among the families of the old Dales, and they usually given to the guardians of the families. The wearer of the ring becomes slightly more astute in battle, gaining a +1 bonus to Defense and allowing them to perform the Set Up stunt for 2 SP instead of the usual 3. Additionally, the wearer may perform the Defensive Stance stunt and bestow the +2 bonus to Defense on an adjacent ally instead of themselves.

Orsino’s Signet Ring (Ring, Level 15)

This silver ring, decorated with scuffed blue gemstones, belonged to the First Enchanter of Kirkwall’s Circle of Magi. How exactly it left him is a bit of a mystery, but the ring is obviously quite powerful. The wearer treats their Constitution and Willpower as 2 higher while wearing the ring. They may also reroll a failed Willpower test once per day, keeping the second roll.

Pretty Little Thing (Ring, Level )

This ring is actually a dozen golden bands that cover the fingers on one hand, wreathing that wearer’s hand in glittering gold. The collection sits on the verge of gaudy, only redeeming itself with the magical enchantments worked into the gold. The rings all desire to remain together, and create a subconscious pull in the wearer if they are ever separated. If the wearer removes a ring and places it somewhere they can focus on the rest of their rings while chanting “pretty little thing” (an Activate action), they automatically know the direction of each removed ring. They may focus on a specific ring at a time, but they only gain a vague sense of which direction the ring is in. If the orphaned ring is within 20 yards the wearer knows the exact location.

Puzzle Ring of the Black Fox (Ring, Level 15)

The stories go that there are ten of these rings, one for each finger of the legendary vigilante the Black Fox. A terror of the Orlesian aristocracy, he had been captured many times, only to escape at the last moment and sometimes even befriend his captors. They say that if you have all ten of the rings that the Black Fox’s stronghold can be found. While many in Orlais have claimed to have owned one of these rings, none have ever had the entire set. The Black Fox and his companions, it is said, have disappeared on their last adventure, into the Arlathan Forest. The wearer of this ring  treats their Cunning and Dexterity as 2 higher, and may reroll a failed Dexterity (Lock-Picking) test, taking the second roll. If the wearer can already re-roll such a test due to a talent or other ability, then they gain a +2 on the re-roll. It is unknown what happens if a wearer puts on more than one of these rings, let alone all ten, but it might be extraordinary indeed!

Ring of Greater Empowerment (Ring, Level 10)

These rings vary in powers, but they are all excellent boons to their wearers. Their designs are just as varied, and they can come from any Circle of Magi, and are usually purchased on commission for specific tasks the buyer has in mind, such as a dangerous delve into a tomb, a tricky negotiation, or even when going to war. These rings have no standard design or enchantment, but they always increase an ability by 2 while decreasing another by 1. The crafter determines which abilities are boosted and decreased when they make the ring, and it cannot be changed later.

Ring of Incandescence (Ring, Level 5)

This ring has an indentation on the top that fits a single Glowstone (page 330). When the wearer sets a Glowstone in the indent and focuses on the ring as an Activate action, the ring then sheds light in a 10-yard radius. The light may be snuffed out as a Free action, and this can preserve the Glowstone’s duration. A Glowstone set into the ring usually lasts twice as long as it normally would have.

Ring of Minor Cantrips (Ring, Level 5)

These brass rings are prized by inexperienced mages. The lyrium in the brass allows the wearer to cast a single spell the mage knows that has no requirement for 0 Mana and without a casting roll. This does disallow the spell from generating Stunt Points, but the spell always casts without fail when the ring is used this way.

Ring of No Wishes (Ring, Level 15)

A fanciful tale of a spirit stuck inside a bottle surrounds this ring, which was the final gift of the spirit in exchange for its freedom. The spirit purposefully gave the ring an underwhelming name out of spite, but the ring is very potent and retains a small semblance of the spirit’s intelligence. Every morning the ring asks “do you have no wishes this day?” The wearer may request that the ring boost three of their abilities by 1, and the boost lasts until the wearer gets a full night’s sleep. The wearer must be careful in how they request the boost, as the spirit in the ring is slightly resentful of its service and may decide to boost the wrong ability!

Ring of Resilience (Ring, Level 5)

This ring has a brilliant and flawless red gemstone that seems to glow in bursts that match the wearer’s heartbeat. As the wearer’s heartbeat accelerates, the ring glows brighter. The wearer of this ring gains a +2 bonus on Constitution (Stamina) and Dexterity (Acrobatics) tests.

Ring of Ruin (Ring, Level 5)

These rings are kept from most mages by the Templars, who see them as dangerous temptations for power. The wearers of this ring’s spells and arcane lances all deal +1 damage.

Ring of the Archmage (Ring, Level 10)

This ring has three green gems around the band that glow with a soft internal light. These are also a popular commission from the dwarves who live in Tevinter. The wearer of this ring may expend one of three charges in the ring when casting a spell. If they do, the ring supplies 10 Mana for the casting of the spell (excess Mana is lost). When one of these charges is used, one of the gems goes dark. The ring recharges every day, at the rate of one charge per day.

Ring of the Emerald Knights (Ring, Level 10)

The Emerald Knights were the ironbark-clad warriors who held the borders of the Dales when the elves ruled them. These rings were given to the captains of patrols, and aided them in their swift defense of the Dales. The wearer of this ring reduces their armor’s Armor Penalty by 3 (minimum 0), and any Strain they might take for wearing it is also reduced by 2.

Ring of the Faithful (Ring, Level 10)

A wide sunburst symbol of the Chantry is displayed proudly on top of this ring, displaying the wearer’s faith for all to see. Rings like these are secretly crafted by the Formari to protect important Chantry priests, and even the Divines themselves on several occasions. The wearer can use an Activate action to create an effect similar to a Force Field spell for 3 rounds, and may drop the shield to move with a Free action. The rounds do not need to be used consecutively, but every time the shield is brought down it must be activated with an Activate action again. The ring can only be used for 3 rounds per day.

Ring of the Magister (Ring, Level 5)

These ostentatious rings are often worn by Tevinter Magisters, but perhaps more often by members of the Altus and Laetan class. The lower classes refer to them as “Rings of the Magisters” in jovial company, and “Rings of Tevinter” when speaking to people who actually are Magisters. The wearer of this ring can use the Imposing Spell stunt for 3 SP instead of the usual 4.

Ring of the Shadow Hunter (Ring, Level 5)

This green ring that seems to be made out of vines was found in the Arbor Wilds on a severed finger. The ring seemed to change texture and color when moved into other environments, and even aids its wearer in camouflage. The wearer of this ring gains a +2 bonus on Dexterity (Stealth) and Perception (Tracking) tests.

Ring of the Seven Watchers (Ring, Level 5)

Seven small faces are carved into the surface of this smooth wooden ring. Their eyes see in all directions, and sometimes the wearer swears they could too. The wearer of this ring gains a +2 bonus on Perception (Hearing and Seeing) tests.

Ring of the Wounded Coast (Ring, Level 5)

This ring was found on the finger of a drowned body washing up against the sharp rocks of the Wounded Coast. The ring seemed to claim some of the dead woman’s desire to live, and some Formari have attempted to replicate its powers with little success. The wearer of this ring can attempt to avoid the same fate of its original owner, by gaining a +2 bonus on Constitution (Swimming) and Strength (Climbing) tests.

Ring of Transitional Power (Ring, Level 10)

These rings are usually crafted in large sets for mages who are about to go to war. All of these rings work with each other, even rings from other batches. When two people are within 10 yards of each other, they can exchange Mana, which can be especially useful when in war and a mage begins to run low on power but needs more to heal a dying ally or scorch an incoming horde of darkspawn. The wearer of this ring gains a bonus to Magic tests equal to the number of allies with a Mana score within 10 yards (maximum +3). The wearer does not count themself. Additionally, any mage within 10 yards of another mage wearing one of these rings may, as an Activate action, send other mages Mana from their own pool. They may send up to their Willpower in Mana, and may distribute the Mana among their allies as they wish.

Ring of Whispers (Ring, Level 15)

This ring is more of a wicked finger-guard, with thin metal plates wrapping around the finger and a needle-like claw extending from the fingertip. Its previous owners rant that the ring speaks to its owner, whispering truths that can only be known if you learn to listen to it. Those same previous owners also have a tendency to lose touch with reality, so what is known about the ring’s secrets is vanishingly little. What is known is that the ring is powerful. The wearer of the ring treats their Dexterity and Cunning as 1 higher and their Willpower as 1 lower. At the GM’s discretion, the Ring of Whispers often speaks in cryptic messages that hint that the ring may know something about the wearer’s situation. If the wearer asks the ring for its advice, they gain knowledge that would be useful to the situation, although it may not be obvious why the info is useful at first. Whenever the wearer does this, they take a further -1 to Willpower until they take a long rest. If the wearer’s Willpower ever falls to -2 because of this secret info they go insane. Unless their allies can aid their broken mind, they hand their character sheet to the GM.

Rivani Seers Band (Ring, Level 10)

These rings are often worn by the Seers of Rivain, who tap into knowledge unseen by mortals. These rings are crafted by the Formari in the Rivani Circle to aid the Seers’ abilities. If the wearer activates a mode that involves calling a spirit into their mind, such as Summoning Mode or Spirit Warrior mode, they also treat their Cunning and Willpower as 1 higher while in this mode.

Runed Silverite Ring (Ring, Level 10)

This beautiful silverite ring has painstakingly-crafted geometric patterns running across the face. The white metal hides the blue lyrium lines hidden in these shapes, that boost the powers of other magical items held by the wearer of the ring. The wearer of this ring doubles bonuses granted by weapon runes on the weapon in the same hand that the ring is worn on. This ring has no effect on Runes of Paralyzation or Runes of Slowness.

The Seal of Kirkwall (Ring, Level 5)

This silver ring has the emblem of Kirkwall on it, marking the wearer as someone respected in that city-state. These rings are usually crafted by the various city-states of the Free Marches, and worn for not only the political clout but the national pride. There are versions for the other Free Marches city-states as well. The wearer of this ring gains a +2 social bonus when speaking to residents of that city-states, even when abroad.

The Skylark’s Golden Ring (Ring, Level 5)

This ring has a children’s legend behind it: the Skylark Thief. A roguish rake, the Skylark Thief distracted his marks by throwing her voice to create lovely bird songs. With this technique she robbed several wealthy people of their jewelry, until she was eventually caught and imprisoned. As she whistled in despair of her coming execution, her bird songs managed to summon birds to her cell. She taught the birds to swipe the keys from the warden, and she escaped with their help. Supposedly this was the ring that gave her the sweet, bird-summoning song she needed to escape. The wearer of this ring gains a +2 on Communication (Performance) and Dexterity (Legerdemain) tests.

Tear of Ferelden (Ring, Level 15)

This powerful ring has long been lost, and would be incredibly valuable to the people of Ferelden. This magic ring was secretly purchased by the Rebel Queen Moira, but was taken from her corpse on the fateful night she was caught and slain by the Orlesian occupiers. Since then the ring’s legend has only increased, with its powers changing for every storyteller. Sadly it did not save her life.

Three Wolf Boon (Ring, Level 10)

This black metal ring has cravings of three wolves howling at a moon; in this case, a pearl set into the ring. The power of the wolf courses through the wearer, allowing them to perform a special Overwhelm stunt for 3 SP. The wearer knocks their foe prone and pins it, giving the wearer a +2 bonus to further attacks as long as the target remains pinned (this bonus includes the usual +1 bonus for attacking a prone target.) The pinned character must make an opposed Strength (Might) test to escape from the wearer’s savage assault, which costs the prone target a minor action. Allies, the target’s or the wearer’s, may attempt to remove the wearer with the same test, but the test is a Major action.

Twice-Blessed Ring (Ring, Level 10)

This ring was cast out of a Chantry for being blessed too many times by the Maker, after an embarrassing story of a love triangle involving the priest’s son, a farm boy, and a smith’s daughter all tried to get the same ring blessed to protect their loved one. The term “twice-blessed” now refers to couples that keep secrets and try to overcompensate in the eyes of the Maker in some rural areas of the Free Marches. This ring is now a cautionary tale, for the revenge exacted by the lovers was brutal. The wearer of this ring may perform the Mighty Blow stunt for -1 SP (minimum 0 SP).

Twisted Steel Ring (Ring, Level 10)

These rings are common commissions from adventurers to the Formari for their versatility and usefulness. For this reason the Formari charge quite a bit for themand make a tidy profit for the Circle. The wearer of this ring treats one of their Primary Abilities as 1 higher, and may change which ability gains this bonus whenever their put the ring on for the first time per day.

Uncertainty (Ring, Level 10; 15 with full set)

The ring seems to telepathically remind its wearer that nothing is certain, and that woe can always turn to fortune with the right attitude. This makes the wearer on the look for good luck. The wearer may perform the That Makes Me Wonders Stunt for -1 SP (minimum 1 SP) and the Resources at Hand Stunt for 3 SP instead of the usual 4. If worn with the ring Anxiety on the other hand and the amulet Skepticism, the wearer treats their Cunning as 3 higher.

Unity (Ring, Level 15)

These gold rings are often crafted in sets for wealthy adventuring groups, with a matching ring for each member of the group. These rings tie the life forces of their wearers together, allowing them to give each other boosts when the time is right. Whenever the wearer regains Health through a spell, item, or the Heal action, allies within 6 yards with a Unity ring from the set that the wearer’s ring came from regain an amount of Health equal to their Constitution. Wearing multiple Unity rings does not stack the effect, nor does this bonus Health also go to the original person who healed.

Warden’s Promise (Ring, Level 10)

This strong steel ring has the griffon emblem of the legendary Grey Wardens on it. Some higher ranking members of the Grey Wardens have rings like these that help them slay darkspawn and other tainted creatures. The wearer of this ring gains +3 to damage rolls against darkspawn and blighted creatures, but only with the weapon held in the hand that this ring is on.

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