The Back Shelves (Vol 4) Amulets from Origins

Amulets from Dragon AGe Origins and Awakening for the Dragon Age RPG!

Welcome back to the Back Shelves, where we empty the back room’s stock to give the good people of Thedas that boost to survive their most recent adventure!

This time we have a sale on amulets, those colorful and wondrous curios that give surprising boosts to the heroes when they least expect it. Some are the talk of legend, causing foes to back down from fights when they see their foe stroll onto the field wearing a golden chain of great might. Some are notorious, bringing power to their wielders at a cost most terrible.

Amulets span all power levels and grant powers both miraculous and subtle. A character can only gain the benefits of one amulet at a time. The levellisted next to the item is meant as a guide for the level that is recommended for receiving an item like this one. We have not included items that were restricted to specific characters, as they are unique treasures that those characters came about on their own adventures. Your PCs may find their own unique treasures, too!

Amulet of Accord (Amulet, Level 5)

This copper pendant looks like it has been cleaved in half by a blade. An inscription on the back of the pendant says, “They’ll never see me-” before cutting off. The wearer of this amulet becomes difficult to perceive, fading in and out of others’ vision, and enemies take a -1 penalty to Perception checks to notice the wearer.

Amulet of the War Mage (Amulet, Level 10)

This golden amulet of a curled dragon was crafted in a time when the sight of a magister stepping onto a battlefield shook the wills of the southern people, entire armies fleeing before their might. While this may be exaggerated by Tevinter patriots, these amulets are still made occasionally, and they are still quite useful for the totalitarian magisters. If the wearer casts a spell that deals damage, they may add double the focus bonus they have for the school of spell to the damage roll. For example, if the caster has the Magic (Primal) focus, they add +4 to all Primal spell damage rolls. This increases if the wearer improves the focus, becoming +6.

Apprentice’s Amulet (Amulet, Level 10)

This amulet has been passed from Enchanter to apprentice whenever one advanced to the next step, leaving this treasure to protect future generations of mages. Some copies have been made, but the ones that have clearly been worn down from use are seen as especially treasured. The wearer may perform the Mana Shield stunt for 0SP, gaining the stunt’s benefit whenever they cast a spell. The stunt also grants a bonus of +3 to the wearer’s Defense instead of the usual +2.

Blood of the Warrior (Amulet, Level 10)

This simple necklace has a gleaming red gem in the pendant, but the chain links have ominous red flecks on them. Whoever wore this necklace last did not have a quiet end. Enemies who roll stunt points on attack rolls and spend the stunt points on stunts that increase damage such as Mighty Blow, Lethal Blow, or Mighty Spell, must add 1 SP to the cost of the first of such stunts they use.

Blood-Gorged Amulet (Amulet, Level 15)

This shriveled thing that hangs from a rough string constantly weeps blood, staining its wearer’s chest a dark and gruesome color. The wearer of this foul amulet sacrifices their physical and mental might, treating their Strength and Willpower as 2 lower. However, the wearer also gains an unnatural life from the amulet, treating their Constitution as 5 higher, and gaining +1 bonus Health per character level while the amulet is worn. The wearer also never progresses to the Dying state when reduced to 0 Health, but simply falls unconscious, and can be roused with a Minor action. The wearer’s eyes seem to get a little darker every time they awaken…

Caradin’s Cage (Amulet, Level 10)

This pendant has several inner chambers that guide electrical charges around the center point, suspended in a network of cage-like crosshatch bars. It feels strange when worn, making it difficult to concentrate on tasks. The wearer of this amulet gains a +5 bonus on tests to resist electricity-based effects and hazards, but also gains a -2 penalty to Cunning (Research or Writing) tests.

Charm of Flame (Amulet, Level 5)

This amulet is a gnarled spiked of metal that has been burnt badly. Lyrium strands still glow between the black burns. The wearer feels and affinity for fire, and deals +2 damage with any damage rolls that include a fire element. Spells that use fire, weapon runes that use Runes of Fire, or even just hitting foes with a lit torch grant this damage benefit. Charms like these have been known to be attuned to other elements as well.

Charm of Still Waters (Amulet, Level 5)

These amulets were commissioned by a Circle in Nevarra that received an unusually large number of new apprentices all at once. The fears of being dragged into unknown places and being watched closely by heavily armed men did nothing to abate their growing fears, so the Enchanters turned to the Formari to craft gifts for the apprentices to calm them. Some of them calmed down, but some still had to be dealt with harshly. The wearer of this amulet treats their Willpower as 1 higher.

Dalish Pendant (Amulet, Level 5)

This wooden pendant is carved in the shape of tree and painted to give the tree flowering blossoms. Sometimes it feels like the branches of this tiny tree sway in unseen breezes. The wearer of this amulet gains a +2 bonus on any tests to resist Hazards that come from natural sources, such as rushing rivers, falling from cliffs, bramble patches, or vermin bites.

Deadhead Charge (Amulet, Level 10)

The amulet was worn by a Tevinter soldier who lost many comrades to the qunari wars. In one fateful battle, something came over him, and he slaughtered dozens of qunari soldiers, howling and screaming the names of his fallen friends. He was eventually overwhelmed by the qunari forces, but the amulet he wore gave off a red smoke, and the qunari soldiers dared not touch it. The wearer of this amulet, may, once per day, enter a mind-numbing rage, gaining the benefits of the Berserk mode of the Berserker specialization. If the wearer is already a Berserker, they no longer take the penalty to Defense in Berserk mode, and gain a further +2 bonus to melee damage rolls. The penalty to Perception rolls increase to -2, however.

Faulty Amulet (Amulet, Level 10)

This amulet is a blank brass pendant on a leather band. No maker’s mark exists on it, but a band of lyrium runs up and down the pendant in nonsensical patterns. This was likely a failed attempt that was thrown away. The wearer may re-roll a failed Constitution or Willpower test twice per day each, but enemies may perform the Pierce Armor stunt against the wearer for -1 SP.

Feral Wolf Charm (Amulet, Level 10)

These protective charms have ridiculous legends of being crafted by scantily-clad witches under moonlit nights deep in the forbidding Korcari Wilds, but it is unknown whether the Chasind warriors who wear them or the Fereldens deep in their cups made up the stories. The wearer gains +5 Health after a breather, and +10 Health after a full rest, in addition to what they normally heal for such activities. Additionally, the wearer gains a +2 bonus on tests to resist poisons.

Halla Horn (Amulet, Level 5)

This torc is made from a lightly worked halla horn. Cravings in the bone create an appearance of twisting ivy around the ivory horn. These are given as gifts to celebrate the lives of the Dalish’s favored companions. The wearer gains a +1 on Willpower (Courage) and Willpower (Morale) tests.

Heirloom necklace (Amulet, Level 10)

An old and potent Dalish protection charm, this vine has a string of wooden beads carved into the shapes of animals chasing each other in a  circle. The Dalish consider all spirits to be dangerous, so these charms are made to protect vulnerable Firsts or those who seem to have spirits drawn to them. If the charm is grasped with one hand and concentrated on as a Activate action, the wearer is considered t be protected by warding salt (pg 331 Core book). Alternatively, the wearer may break the string and place the beads in a circle around a building or group of people and treat the ring of beads as a ring of warding salt. The string may be fixed with a TN 15 Dexterity (Crafting) test.

Illumination (Amulet, Level 15)

These potent amulets have complex patterns etched in lyrium that create mesmerizing patterns when looked at directly. They always seem to be found at opportune moments near places where the Veil is thin. When a person first touches the amulet, the amulet asks them what kind of power they would like. The amulet listens to the wearer’s response and adjusts its power accordingly. The wearer then treats an ability relevant to what they asked for as 1 higher as well as their Willpower as 1 higher. The original wearer may select Willpower to gain a total increase of 2 to Willpower. Additionally, the wearer may re-roll any failed Willpower-based test, keeping the result of the second roll.

Lifedrinker (Amulet, Level 15)

A evocative story about the lowliest magister in the Imperium turning on his magister colleagues and slaying them all until the Archon defeated him in a cataclysmic magical duel is told throughout the southern lands. Tevinters of lower class also share the story on quiet tavern evenings, but the upper echelons of Tevinter society consider the story ridiculous and naively hopeful of the lesser class. The Archons have not forgotten however, as this amulet was held onto many Archons as a reminder that treachery can come from anywhere. All that was left of the lam-lighter magister was this golden torc, with blood-red garnets that emit bitter cold. The wearer of this amulet not only gains a +2 bonus to Spellpower, but also may spend any number of stunt points on the Puissant Casting stunt, increasing the Spellpower of their spells further.

Magister’s Shield (Amulet, Level 10)

This silver chain seems to hang low as if it were much heavier than it is. The air shimmers slightly around the chain when it is worn. It was originally a gift to Archon Hadarius after the assassination of Archon Vespasian. The wearer may cast any spell that has its type listed as “Defense” for 2 less Mana. This reduction stacks with talents or stunts that reduce Mana costs as well. However, the creator of this necklace included a secret weakness, and the wearer takes a -2 on tests to resist poisons. This was, naturally, the end that Hadarius met.

Magus Ward (Amulet, Level 10)

These simple amulet are nevertheless valued by young mages with some sense. Crafted for accomplished Circle mages, supposedly it is refused by skilled mages who don’t need them. Most consider it their loss. The wearer of this amulet treats their Magic as 1 higher.

Mud Idol (Amulet, Level 5)

This clay has not been fired in an oven to retain the shape of a bird, but it feels warm and soft to the touch. The wearer of the amulet gains a +2 on tests to resist ice-based spells and effects, including hazards involving cold temperatures or dangerous ice formations like falling icicles.

Nature’s Blessing (Amulet, Level 10)

This white wood pendant is decorated with patterns of flowing vines. Wielders of this amulet have always felt full of life and potential when they stand in places where nature reigns. When the wearer of this amulet is standing in a forest, jungle, cavern, desert, or any location that is not urban or cosmopolitan (villages, towns, or cities) the wearer generates +1 SP when doubles are rolled on tests. Standing in the Fade only grants this benefit if the local features of the Fade take a natural theme.

North Ward (Amulet, Level 10)

This cold pendant has an inverted Tevinter jewler’s mark, and feels heavy around the neck. The wearer of this amulet treats their Willpower as 2 higher, and their Strength as 1 lower.

Par Vollen Willstone (Amulet, Level 10)

This pendant is made of highly polished volcanic arum. The qunari priests who wear them insist that these slightly vibrating amulets are not magical in nature, but the fact that these amulets appeared a few decades into the war against Tevinter and their magisters might mean something else. The wearer of this amulet treats their Willpower as 1 higher.

Pearl of the Anointed (Amulet, Level 15)

The original Pearl of the Anointed was worn by Emperor Kordillus Drakon himself durning his many battles to spread the Chantry and protect Thedas from the Second Blight. The Pearl was lost in one of Drakon’s battles, and many have attempted to recreate the potent magical artifact. These copies are powerful but pale in comparison to the original. Copies of the Pearl grant a +1 bonus to all tests, and the Dragon Die is always considered to be one higher. The real Pearl grants a +3 bonus to all tests and increases the Dragon Die result by 3 as well.

Reflection (Amulet, Level 10)

This amulet has a mirrored back, and the symbol of the Chantry on the front that doesn’t seem to conform to the more recent designs, perhaps being an incredibly early design. When people gaze into the mirrored back they report seeing someone they recognized, and usually wished they could have talked to in that moment. When the wearer would gain Health or Mana from an item like a potion or spells like Death Magic or Heal, the wearer gains an additional amount of Health or Mana equal to half their character level.

Rough-Hewn Pendant (Amulet, Level 10)

This pendant is a large animal fang hanging from a simple string, yet the fang seems to inspire great battle prowess. Chasind warriors have been seen wearing these,and these pendants may contribute to their surprising combat talents. The wearer of this amulet may perform the Lethal Blow stunt for 4 SP instead of the usual 5.

Sailor’s Charm (Amulet, Level 5)

A whale’s tooth hangs on a silver chain. The tooth has been decorated with carvings of a ship weathering a storm at sea, lightning crashing on the deck. The wearer of the amulet gains a +2 on tests to resist lightning-based spells and effects, including hazards involving lightning storms or even hazardous devices that use electricity.

Scout’s Medal (Amulet, Level 15)

This amulet appears to have once been some medal of great honor, thanking a hero for services to their kingdom. The medal was a potent gift, as the wearer treats their Dexterity and Constitution as 1 higher, and increases their movement speed by 4 yards.

Seeker’s Chain (Amulet, Level 10)

This amulet appears to be an inverted color scheme of most Chantry amulet, with the pendant being a field of black on which a white Chantry symbol rests. This marks it as property of the Seekers of Truth, the secret police of the Chantry and the Templar Order. How it left the Seekers is a troubling mystery. Twice per day, the wearer of this amulet may re-roll a failed test, keeping the second result. However, if the wearer can match the original test’s TN (the one that was failed) with a Willpower (Faith) test, and they roll at least a 4 on the Dragon Die, they may use that re-roll again later that day.

Shaper’s Amulet (Amulet, Level 5)

This amulet carries a peaceful dwarven tune that only the wearer can hear. The song seems to be calling the wearer home, but for some reason home feels like it’s downward. The amulet’s wearer gains a +1 bonus on all Cunning tests whose focus includes the word “Lore.”

Shiver (Amulet, Level 10)

This intricate pendant has strange runes that, while illegible, seem to spell out a deal: “ruggedness for vitality. The warmest embrace constricts.” The wearer of this amulet gains a +5 bonus on tests to resist ice- and cold-based effects and hazards, but also gains a -2 penalty to Dexterity (Acrobatics) tests. This penalty does not apply when rolling against cold-based effects.

Silver Cord (Amulet, Level 5)

This cord weighs almost nothing, almost floating on the neck of the wearer. It is difficult to imagine a hammer must have been taken to this cord, as the central gem and the silver weave are nearly immaculate. Some wonder whether the amulet entirely exists in the waking world. The wearer gains a +2 social bonus when speaking to spirits or demons.

Smith’s Heart (Amulet, Level 10)

This bronze amulet resembles a clenched fist, and gives off a refreshing cool aura. The wearer feels the weight of the amulet, however, and it can bring sluggish reflexes. The wearer of this amulet gains a +5 bonus on tests to resist fire- and heat-based effects and hazards, but also gains a -2 penalty to Dexterity (Initiative) tests.

Spirit Charm (Amulet, Level 5)

The leather strap of this amulet holds a flat disc displaying Andraste’s flame. The wearer of the amulet gains a +2 on tests to resist fire-based spells and effects, including hazards involving burning buildings, smoke, or even lava.

Spirit Cord (Amulet, Level 15)

This light hemp cord seems misty from a distance, and a weathered bone hangs as a pendant. The world seems to slow around the wearer, and the wearer gains momentary glimpses of where their opponents might move. When a Rogue wearing this amulet successfully performs a Backstab, they may add their Dexterity to damage rolls. Additionally, the wearer may perform the Rogue’s Perforate stunt for 1 SP instead of the usual 2.

Talismen of Restoration (Amulet, Level 10)

A silver disc hangs from a glittering golden chain. The disc has an image of a bottle on it, and it seems a bit too life-like. The wearer gains an additional amount of Health from healing spells equal to the casting’s Dragon Die result. Additionally, once per encounter, the wearer of this amulet may concentrate on this amulet as an activate action, and a silver bottle filled with a Greater Healing Potion appears in an open hand (or on the ground nearby if no hands are open). When this secondary power is used the amulet becomes dormant for 24 hours.

Temperament (Amulet, Level 5)

This rugged amulet comes from the Anderfels. The iron pendant is heavy, and bears a bold inscription promising survival through anything. The wearer gains a +1 bonus on Willpower (Faith and Morale) tests.

 The High Regard of House Dace (Amulet, Level 15)

This mythril amulet on a nug-leather strap is truly a masterpiece of dwarven enchanting, the bright crown of jewels thrumming with lyrium. These are lavish gifts giving as a gift from an entire noble house to those who perform deeds that benefit the house’s legacy. Other houses might craft similar amulets, in which case the amulet would take a different house’s name. This potent amulet allows the wearer to perform 3 specific stunts for -1 SP while the amulet is worn. The specific stunts are chosen when the amulet is crafted.

The Spellward (Amulet, Level 15)

This silver pendant has a rather large golden symbol of the Templar Order on it, making it unmistakable even from a distance. Templars who were asked to hunt the most dangerous or powerful blood mages treasured this amulet greatly, as powerful enchantments weaken magic that approaches it. It is perhaps best that the owner not ask how it was removed from Chantry control. When the wearer is targeted with a spell and the caster rolls stunt points, the total stunt point cost increases by 2.

Varathorn’s Amulet (Amulet, Level 10)

This pendant is crafted from twisting ironbark carved into the shape of a beating heart that has curling vines tunneling through the heart. The bearer gains immunity to poisons, whether crafted ones or naturally produced ones. This immunity come at a cost, however, as the amulet imposes a -2 penalty on Constitution (Stamina) tests.

Will of the Unyielding (Amulet, Level 10)

The back of this silver amulet is engraved with words that have long worn away. The faded words still bring a strange sense of inspiration. The wearer of this amulet treats their Willpower as 1 higher, and may perform the Stand Firm action with a Willpower (Self-Discipline) test instead of the usual tests.

Author: GM Reyn

I'm an amateur sound designer, gamer, game-master, and I love to bring people grand worlds and rich stories through several mediums.

3 thoughts on “The Back Shelves (Vol 4) Amulets from Origins”

  1. Thanks for these. I granted one of my PCs the ‘Ring of Unheeded Wisdom’ the other day, that you’d devised the stats for earlier, and will be using more as my campaign continues.
    One thing: would it be wise to have two different ‘levels’ for the Pearl of the Annointed, depending on whether it is the original or a copy?
    I’d still love to see your take on some levelling up’ items, like Bianca in the Varric ‘Faces of Thedas’ pdf.

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