Item Conversions for the Dragon Age RPG (Vol. 1)

The Dragon Age RPG is lucky in that it has a wealth of inspiration from the video games for new adventures, characters, locations, and items. Like most IPs that have an RPG attached to them, it can be tempting to ask “what would this look like in the RPG?” With this collection, which will not be only of its kind, we’ll take a look at the items from the video games and convert them for the RPG!

These are fan-made (by us here on the podcast) and totally optional. These are only our interpretations of how the item could appear in the RPG, and not a perfect conversion. We will also include an “item level” for these items. This is the level that it would be recommended for your PCs to be at minimum before finding an item like this.

We hope you like these! If you have a special request to see a specific item in the RPG feel free to let us know, or if you’ve got your own feel free to share with us!

Dalish Armor (Light Leather Armor, Level 2)

Masterwork: Armor Rating 4

Lovingly crafted by Dalish leather workers, this suit is constructed out of deerskin with images of birds and serpents hunting prey. The set, including boots and gloves, feels much lighter than it appears, and grants its bearer a +2 bonus to speed when moving through wooded areas.

Ring of Unheeded Wisdom (Ring, Level 6)

This dented steel ring seems to have been through many trials and in the hands of many owners. Bearers of the ring have reported strange voices telling them to “watch out” or “duck” when a potentially lethal force was headed their way, but most see it as paranoia of the wielders, most of whom are dangerous sellswords and criminals anyway. The bearer of the ring gains a +1 bonus on Perception tests to avoid being surprised when combat encounters begin, and a +1 on tests to resist and avoid the effects of traps.

Mark of Vigilance (Amulet, Level 10)

This potent magical amulet is a badge of honor among Templars and other mage-hunters. Granted by the Divine herself for exceptional service to the cause of policing forbidden arts, this amulet protects the wearer against harmful magics. The bearer gains Magic Resistance, a +2 bonus on tests to resist spells and other magical effects. If the bearer already has that ability from a talent or background (or both), their bonus increases by +1. Additionally, the bearer gains a +2 to Armor Rating against the attack of creatures with Mana scores or magical abilities, like the powers of most demons.

Evanura (Bastard Sword, Level 14)

Material: Steel
Masterwork: +2 Attack, +2 Damage
Talent Levels: Two
Focus Benefit: Yes
Runes: Master Frost Rune

Forged by the high priest of June when the Dales belonged to the elves, this mighty blade has been wielded by the greatest of the Emerald Knights from its beginnings to its end in the Exalted March against the Dales. A powerful relic from the time of the Dales, any Dalish would be elevated to legendary status for recovering it. It is said that its blade is so sharp that it cuts Veil when swung. Thankfully it does not, but the blade ignores 3 points of Armor when striking a foe.

The Creationist’s Cord (Belt, Level 16)

A mighty tool of Creation magic specialists, this unassuming length of silk cord woven with lyrium threads is tied in dazzling knots and shapes. Often gifted to powerful healers for acts of extraordinary kindness or dedication in times of trouble, this powerful enchanted cord allows a mage to add their Magic to the damage healed when they cast spells that heal damage to Health. The cord also acts as a mighty conduit for new life to flow from the Fade, and  allows a mage to double the Mana cost of a healing spell to add twice their Magic to the damage healed, or triple the spell’s original Mana cost to add thrice their Magic score to the damage healed.


Author: Portal-Crafter Reyn

I'm an amateur sound designer, gamer, and game-master, and I love to bring people grand worlds and rich stories through several mediums.

2 thoughts on “Item Conversions for the Dragon Age RPG (Vol. 1)”

  1. These are great! You should post them on the GR forums to get a wider audience.
    I don’t know if you’re aware, but the ‘Vigilance’ amulet has some artwork depicting it, as many of the DA:2 DLC items do. I made a list of which artefacts had specific artwork and then started converting them, printing, laminating and cutting them out as memorable handouts.


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