Episode 11: Call in the Stunt-Double!

Welcome to the Wonders of Thedas Podcast, your one-stop shop for all your Dragon Age RPG needs!

In this episode we explore the exciting Stunt system, and do a few back flips while we’re at it! We also discuss some Templar-Mage politics, archers with animal friends, and some expertly crafted custom content for PCs! We really rolled well on this one, so we hope you enjoy the show!

If you’d like to see Wired_Wolf’s Veil Codex, you can click here!

If you like to read DracoDruid’s Free Form Dragon Age document, you can click here!

As always, if you have a question about the Dragon Age RPG or have some custom Dragon Age content you’d like to share, please send your submissions to  wondersofthedaspodcast@gmail.com, or in a message to our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, or Soundcloud accounts! You can also message Kot the Protector on the Green Ronin forums!

Thank you, again, for listening!

Author: Portal-Crafter Reyn

I'm an amateur sound designer, gamer, game-master, and I love to bring people grand worlds and rich stories through several mediums.

6 thoughts on “Episode 11: Call in the Stunt-Double!”

  1. If you click on the title of the episode in the plug in it should take you to the Soundcloud account where you can download it! You can also download it through iTunes and Google Play!


  2. Thank you for answering my question about the WoW style hunter. Love the podcast. Keep up the great work. That said, the volume on the podcast is very low. I, literally, can not listen on my tablet because the volume can’t turn up enough to hear it my only criticism.


  3. The Soundcloud site doesn’t have a download button for this episode, yet it does for all the others. Do you guys know what’s going on with it?


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