Episode 3: There Are No Buttons

Welcome to episode 3, where we talk all about the basics of the basics of the Dragon Age RPG! We are joined by another new local host who has a fresh perspective perfect for this episode!

We have fun with another animal friend, discuss the Ability Test, and the essential mechanics that build off of it. We are covering the game at its core; no complicated math, no game design theories, no equations, no problems here! If you can master everything in this episode you are well on your way to grand adventures in the world of Thedas!

In the episode we mention a large collection of fan-made content: the Esoterica From Thedas. This colossal collection of new rules for the Dragon Age RPG gives the game cavernous new depths to add new excitements to your campaigns! You can find it here!

We also mention the Dragon Age Green Ronin pages in the podcast, where you can find free PDFs of character sheets and other resources! Here it is for your reading pleasure!

We hope you enjoyed this episode! Tune it next time for more Dragon Age RPG goodness!

Now you know how to do this!

Author: Portal-Crafter Reyn

I'm an amateur sound designer, gamer, and game-master, and I love to bring people grand worlds and rich stories through several mediums.

2 thoughts on “Episode 3: There Are No Buttons”

  1. I’m loving the podcast you guys! I stumbled upon it while looking for resources for the game and marathoned through them. Saw the list of future eps you have planned and I’m super excited for them. Especially looking forward to more anecdotes of the game you’re currently playing. Since I haven’t found a group yet, I’m living through you guys!

    Also this “sprig of bread” nonsense is haunting me. What is it?? WILL WE EVER KNOW?!

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