Episode 2: Building Character

Welcome to episode 2: the character creation process episode! In this episode we get a new host and talk about one of the most exciting aspects of any RPG, making brand new characters! With a loud collection of clacking dice we’ll make characters on the air to show you how making characters works in the exciting Dragon Age universe!

We write down concepts, generate Abilities, select Backgrounds, choose classes, calculate Speed and Defense, pick names, and determine Goals and Ties! It may sound like a lot but it should only take you a few minutes to do yourself!

We go through the process with sound, but below we include visual aids! Here are the character sheets we worked on during the episode so you can see how a filled out character sheet might look!

First is Jessica’s character, Nisha the Dalish rogue who is out for blood against the Templars!

The sheet looks a bit barren right now but that is okay, it should only be as full as you need it to be. They get a bit more full as they level up, so leave a bit of space!

Next is Jill’s knowledge-hungry mage!

You can see that she also picked out spells and placed them on the back of the sheet! Some of these are a tad blurry, as our camera is not as nice as our microphone…

Finally, you can see Khrane, Reyn’s starry-eyed dwarf duster warrior!

We also mentioned something called Session Zero in the podacst. We didn’t go very far into it, so we will elaborate what “Session Zero” is here.

Session Zero is actually the first session the players and Game Master sit down with each other. In this session it is common to chat about what characters everyone is making, what kind of campaign the GM plans on running, what themes may be appropriate to build character personalities around, help determine Ties that the Player Characters have with each other, construct Goals so they can be presented to the GM, and determine things like play times and venues where the games will take place. You’d be suprrised how much having everyone around to brainstorm can help!

Session Zero saves your GM and fellow players a lot of headache, so we highly recommend taking the time to schedule a Session Zero with your fellow players before you start your campaigns. Even if you have started, it never hurts to take a late Session Zero to sit donw with your fellows and discuss the direction of the campaign and your characters’ Goals!

Then you can avoid game nights that look like this around the table…

We hope you enjoy the podcast and come back in two weeks when we release our third episode: How to Play the Dragon Age RPG!We’ll talk about the basic basics and get everyone’s feet wet with the most important aspects of the Dragon Age RPG!

If you have questions, comments, content to submit, or episode suggestions, feel free to leave them here, send them to wondersofthedaspodcast@gmail.com, Kot the Protector on the Green Ronin forums, or send your queries to the Facebook or Twitter accounts! Thank you for listening!


Author: Portal-Crafter Reyn

I'm an amateur sound designer, gamer, and game-master, and I love to bring people grand worlds and rich stories through several mediums.

2 thoughts on “Episode 2: Building Character”

  1. It seems that your recording volume is very low, I had to turn up the volumes on my computer, player, and headset in order to hear it, and it was still on the quiet side.


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