The Road Going Forward

We realize that this whole project may have seemed shiny and exciting before and is now starting to look quiet and non-existent, and we do apologize.

Much is being done behind the scenes here at the Wonders of Thedas! Several episodes have been planned and recorded and are awaiting publishing! So why don’t we release them?

Once we release the next three episodes as a kind of “starting guide” for the podcast, we will be going full steam ahead with a new episode every two weeks! And to make sure you know how serious we are about this, I’d like to present to you the projected schedule for show topics that we hope to release sooner rather than later.

(This is a tentative list. If a particular topic is requested this list could easily change to fit what the listeners want.)

Roll for Initiative!
  1. What is the Dragon Age RPG and Why Should You Play It?
  2. Character Creation
  3. How to Play the Dragon Age RPG
  4. How to GM the Dragon Age RPG
  5. The Warrior Class
  6. The Rogue Class
  7. The Mage Class
  8. The Apostate Background
  9. Constructing Compelling Goals
  10. The Templar Specialization
  11. Class and Goal Coordination
  12. The Dalish Elf Background
  13. Making Exciting Encounters
  14. The Spirit Healer Specialization
  15. Situations the Rules Don’t Cover and What to Do With Them
  16. The Circle Mage Background
  17. Stunts and How to Use Them
  18. The Assassin Specialization
  19. Being a Grey Warden
  20. The Ferelden Freeman Background
  21. Wealth, Magic Items, and Prestige in Your Dragon Age Game
  22. The Beserker Specialization
  23. How to Utilize the Video Games and Novels for Your Game
  24. The City Elf Background
  25. Putting Together Epic Mass Combats
  26. The Arcane Warrior Specialization
  27. Conversion Methods Between the Video Games and the RPG
  28. The Ferelden Noble Background
  29. How to Run Realms and Organizations
  30. The Bard Specialization
  31. The Differences Between Dragon Age and Fantasy Age
  32. The Qunari Beresaad Background
  33. Miniatures, Maps, Cards, Dice, and What Else to Use
  34. The Reaver Specialization
  35. A Primer on Attending Conventions
  36. The Free Marcher Background
  37. Epic Stories and Drama in Dragon Age
  38. The Shapeshifter Background
  39. Inquisition Book Speculations and Wish Lists
  40. The Tal-Vashoth Background
  41. The Fade and How to Use It
  42. The Marksman Specialization
  43. Making Compelling NPCs
  44. The Escaped Elven Slave Background
  45. A Primer on Roleplaying
  46. The Champion Specialization
  47. Making New Beasts and Other Threats
  48. The Ferelden Craftsman Background
  49. A Primer on Being a Good Player
  50. The Shadow Specialization
  51. A Primer on Being a Good GM
  52. The Surface Dwarf Background
  53. How to Introduce the Dragon Age RPG to New Players
  54. The Keeper Specialization
  55. Crafting in the Dragon Age RPG
  56. The Nevarran Adventurer Background
  57. Problem Players and What to Do With Them
  58. The Guardian Specialization
  59. Magic and Dragon Age and How You Can Use It
  60. The Orlesian Commoner Background
  61. The Creation School of Magic
  62. The Legionnaire Scout Specialization
  63. The Entropy Scholl of Magic
  64. The Orlesian Noble Background
  65. The Primal School of Magic
  66. The Force Mage Specialization
  67. The Spirit School of Magic
  68. The Orlesian Exile Background
  69. Campaigns Outside of Thedas
  70. The Spirit Warrior Specialization
  71. Inquisitions of Old and New in Your Campaigns
  72. The Ander Survivor Background
  73. The Qun and Its People in Your Campaigns
  74. The Duelist Specialization
  75. Campaign Frameworks for the Nine Ages
  76. The Rivaini Merchant Background
  77. Romance and Rivalry in Dragon Age
  78. The Necromancer Specialization
  79. Music and Sounds in Your Game
  80. The Tevinter Altus Background
  81. A Discussion About Talents
  82. The Chevalier Specialization
  83. A Discussion About Focuses
  84. The Tevinter Laetan Background
  85. Faces of Thedas Review
  86. The Ranger Specialization
  87. Advanced Topics in the Dragon Age RPG
  88. The Tevinter Soporati Background
  89. The Universalist Mage
  90. The Blood Mage Specialization
  91. The Sniper
  92. The Seheron Convert Background
  93. Joining the Seekers of Truth
  94. The Chasind Stalker Background
  95. Becoming Friend of Red Jenny
  96. The High-Born Dwarf Background
  97. Running with the Carta
  98. The Low-Born Dwarf Background
  99. Hiding with the Fog Warriors
  100. The Waking Sea Raider Background

So, those are our ideas of what may be coming later for the Wonders of Thedas Podcast! As you can see, we have a LOT to talk about, and this list is just a suggestion. This is by no means a set schedule. If you’d like to hear us talk about something you should let us know!

Any episodes requests can be sent to the Facebook, Twitter,, a personal message to Kot the Protector on the Green Ronin and Bioware forums, or you can leave a comment here on this blog!

We hope you have the chance to stick with us!

A world of wonder is coming soon!

Author: Portal-Crafter Reyn

I'm an amateur sound designer, gamer, and game-master, and I love to bring people grand worlds and rich stories through several mediums.

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